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Five Things To Do When You Feel Like You're Not Where You Are Supposed To Be In Life.

Before social media, we would only see the life of those we knew personally. Now we have access to billions of peoples lives and it's just an explore page away. Seeing people announce their life accomplishments can make you start questioning where you are in your life and what are you doing? The truth is no one shares everything; you know the saying real G’s move in silence.

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Mental Health Awareness Month - 5 Self Care Tips

May is Mental Health Awareness month. I for one am excited there is a month dedicated to mental health. So many of us suffer in silence because mental health is looked at as taboo. Or, that we are making up what we are dealing with. Self Care is the new buzzword when dealing with life. I agree that we all should show ourselves some self-care, however, self-care is not just about bubble baths and things we LIKE to do

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