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Tech Talk: 4 Ways To Take Great Pictures Of Your Kids

When it comes to capturing our children, it can be overwhelming at times. They love to be on the move, and sometimes you can’t get them to look straight into the camera. Does this mean you are doomed and won’t be able to get great pics? NOT AT ALL. today I’ll be sharing four tips to help you get some of the best pictures of your little ones.

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How to make Instagram highlight covers

When Instagram rolled out the highlight feature I was excited. I know had a way to store my favorite stories as well as any tips and tricks I shared for fashion, beauty or mom hacks. Making a cover to your highlights helps your page look esthetically pleasing. Its a way for your followers (or potential collab partners if you're a blogger) to see what your page has to offer.

Below I will show you how you can make your very own highlight covers. It's very simple.

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