How To Shop Online No Matter Your Size

When I’m out and about, I will have people come up and ask me about my outfit. I can see the defeat in their face as I tell them it’s from a store that is only online. I tell them my tips right then and there and usually by the end of the conversation they are ready to give it a try.

Online shipping has never frightened me. I remember the days where I wish I could order clothing from a catalog, but I didn’t have the funds (hello Delia’s I’m talking to YOU!) when the internet came on the scene I was opened to a whole new world. Then when you could shop for clothing!!! Shut up! I was all about that.

Ok, we are friends. I have to be honest. *takes a deep breath* I HATE shopping. I love fashion don’t get me wrong, but the idea of spending hours in a store looking at clothing from rack to rack. That makes me want to pull my hair out. I know what I like, what I want and I love to get in there and get out.

That’s why online shipping is so appealing to me. I don’t even have to leave my home, and I can get what I need, without dealing with people. It’s second nature to me now. I can head to my favorite websites, and I know what I need to get. I want to share that knowledge with you. So below I am sharing my tips on how to online shop for clothing no matter if your sample size to plus size.

#1 know your measurements

Because every store has different sizes (I can wear anything from a 16-22) you need to know your measurements. Measure your bust, waist, and hips. If you are plus sized make sure you measure the widest part of your body in that area. For example, do not measure above or below your bust. Measure across it. That way you can order clothing that would fit better. Say your a size 16 on top but size 20 on the bottom, if you are ordering a dress as long as you have the measurements of the widest parts of your body, then you can order and take them into a tailor later.

#2 Read the return policy

This is so important to know. Some places only give you store credit. Some places you can’t return certain items. I’m here to tell you returning things by mail is such a breeze now. Most stores send you return postage (unless you’re fashion nova who makes you pay postage AND only gives store credit. One of the many reasons I will never give them my coin again)Make sure you read all return policy

#3 Get to know your Fabrics

Some fabrics have give, and some don’t. On most websites, it tells you if the outfit has an elastic band, a zipper closure, etc. all of this very important because once you learn your fabrics, you will be able to tell what size to get. As I said earlier if your top is 16 and bottom is 20 then you will know a dress that is stretchy will fit. One that has no give you will need to skip if the only size available is a size 16. Without that give you will not be able to wear it on your size 20 bottom.  Polyester has no give unless there is spandex. Chiffon drapes nicely, there are other fabrics out there to learn. Check out this article for an explanation of different fabrics.

#4 ALWAYS check the size guide of clothing 

Every store makes their clothing different, and they have different sizing. Don’t get caught up with a specific number if you’re a 16 at one store but a 22 at another. That’s ok. All the matters is the fit of the clothing and that you’re confident in them. Just like it’s important to know the measurements of yourself. It’s equally important to understand the sizes of the clothing you’re ordering. Also, keep in mind that the garment can always be tailored to you. That helps with the fit and overall look but also makes it one of a kind because it’s tailored to fit only you.

#5 take your time and leave items in your cart

We’ve all been at a store walking along and all of a sudden we see an abandoned cart. Well, you can do the same online. Take your time and think if you genuinely want that piece. You can shop around, and no one is following you asking if they can help you. You can make informed purchases and not ones right on the spot. That is one of my favorite things about shopping online. I can browse and not have to worry about a messy rack.

Not Sure where to shop? You need to be following

Rosey Blair

on IG. She shares Sunday Steals every Sunday on her IG Stories. I have purchased Jeans, Dresses, and accessories for amazing prices( dress and jeans for $6 each!!). Springtime is coming up which is a great time to try out new fashion. So go ahead and try to buy at least one item online. No need to be afraid. With these tips, you’ll be a novice online shopper in no time