My Favorite Places To Online Shop For Plus Size

I have a confession to make. I HATE to shop. I said it, the mere thought of walking through a store and just looking for something to buy makes me cringe. I have always been like that. I can remember being held hostage in stores with my friends as they would window shop or go from store to store looking for a bargain and I would have rather been curled up reading a book or spending time making up dance moves to the latest songs.

I understand that as a lover of fashions, hating to shop can be an oxymoron but hear me out…we live in an age where you don’t even have to leave your house to shop anymore. I know, I know, online shopping can be overwhelming but have no fear I am here to help you. Check out my online shopping guide here .I very rarely pay full price for an item(unless its a piece that I know will last a long time) The stores have great sales. I have purchased pieces that cost over $100 and bought them for under $20. I suggest looking through your closet and figuring out what pieces you are looking for and THEN go online to find exactly that and search the store that has the best deal. Now that you know HOW to online shop, I am going to show you WHERE you can get some great clothing that flatters all body types.

#1 Asos Curve

By far this is one of my favorite online store to shop at. The have so many great options for work, girls night, date night, comfy clothes etc. I also love the sales. This store is a UK store and the shipping is under $10 and you receive your items in a very quick manner (about 10 days or less) I have never waited for more than 5 business days.

Shorts and Shirt from Asos

Shorts and Shirt from Asos

#2 Loft

If you are in the market for business casual clothing, jeans, or dresses this is the store for you. The clothing is well made. I have found some really cute jumpsuits, jeans as well as dresses here. They have amazing sales, I haven’t paid over $20 for an article of clothing here. I was able to snag jeans for $6 and even a dress for $5. Keep an eye out for their sales. Hint Black Friday and cyber Monday you can catch some amazing deals.

Jumpsuit from Loft

Jumpsuit from Loft

I HATE to shop. I said it, the mere thought of walking through a store and just looking for something to buy makes me cringe

#3 Eloquii

If you are looking for prints on prints on prints then this is the store for you. They also have a nice selection of bright bold colors. I love shopping at Eloquii. The sizes range from 14-28. One of my favorite things they carry are paint suits. They have such great patterns and don’t stick with just the normal blue, tan and black that many other stores give us plus size women.

#4 Modcloth

I LOVE vintage looking and quirky styles. Modcloth has that. The quality is great. I love their skirts and graphic T-shirt’s. This store gives us options of flattering clothing AND trendy. I also love their button down shirts. As a women of a particular breast size, I have a very hard time finding button down shirts that fit, Modcloth (and Loft) are the only places that I have found ones that work for me.

Cactus Shirt from Modcloth and the jeans pictured are the $6 ones from LOFT.

Cactus Shirt from Modcloth and the jeans pictured are the $6 ones from LOFT.

#5 Anthropologie

This is a newer store that I have shopped at. Now these full prices I almost fainted and decided to keep in mind what I was looking for and would check for sales. I scored big! I bought a $109 dress for $22!!!! The styles are chic and I love that they have recently expanded their sizes to plus.

Honorable mentions: These places are great to shop at however I would def suggest knowing your size and how to online shop because usually they don’t have a large plus size section to the store is not near me so I am unable to go in.

Target. Of course target would be mentioned. They have had some great launches in the last few years and they have a great selection of plus size (online) I wish they carried more in the store

Fashion to Figure This is a great place to get your girls night outfits or a nice date night outfit.

Rent The Runway is a subscription service that is perfect for someone who wants to change up their wardrobe but doens’t really want to spend a lot.

There you have it, some of my favorite places to shop online. What are your go to places? Do you like the ease of online shopping or do you need to feel the clothing and try it on? Let me know in the comments down below.