Pumpkin Spice Imma Let You Finish But Apple Cider Is the Best Fall Scent Of All Time

September 21st is the first day of fall (I'm talking to your Starbucks and your pumpkin spice on sale August 27th) I have always loved Autumn. The leaves are changing. The earth takes a long slumber and sheds its foliage to bring on the new come springtime. There are hayrides, apple cider, pumpkins, crisp temps, bonfires and s’mores. That is…unless you live in FL!!!

The temp is going to be over 90 degrees!!! Autumn is the one time of year that I miss the crisp weather of Michigan. Well, since I can’t be in my home state, I cheat a little bit by making my home smell like autumn. I use to be a fan of bath and body works and their seasonal candles, but you know everything causes cancer now, so I decided to make my scents out of the essential oils that I own.

I am by no means trying to sell you anything. If you are thinking off using essential oils I would suggest trying a place like Plant Therapy because they have great oils (not like the ones you would buy from Walmart or any other grocery store) you want to make sure that the oils you use are quality oils. You can use Doterra or Young Living, but those are so marked up since they are an MLM. Other places are great to get your oils from as well(Eden's garden for one, I just haven’t personally ordered from them)

So now that you know WHERE to get your oils, I will share with you three of my favorite blends to use. I may have made these in July because that heat had me wishing for cooler temps lol.

As a kid, I can remember jumping in the leaves. I loved visiting my friends who lived in the country because the air was different; it smelled so good. Here is a blend I call Autumn Air, and it has the same smell.


There is a debate about what is better in the fall, pumpkin or apple. I am an apple person myself. There is nothing like warm apple cider and a FRESH cinnamon doughnut. It is WAAAAAY better than ANY pumpkin spice anything.

So, out of the kindness of my little heart I am sharing two different blends. One for the apple lovers and one for the pumpkin spice lovers(or if you love both then you have double he choices)


What are some of your favorite things about fall? Do you live in a climate that gives you seasons. Let me know in the comments below.