Diffuser Blends All Moms Need In Their Arsenal For Cold Season

If you have a child in the school system you KNOW how their little immune systems can fail them. A barrage of germs every day means that they will share the love with the family back home. I personally got into essential oils because this year is my sons first year of school. I needed something for all of us to put up a defense. Granted, this season has been bad for our family with colds but they have been shorter and not as bad as years before. I also am looking for things that can actually help our bodies FIGHT off bacteria and not just mask it like most over the counter meds do.

Mothers know that when WE get sick that means NOTHING. We can't have a sick day, we must forge through. Below I am sharing FIVE diffuser blends that help battle colds and discomfort through the cold season. Each diagram is easy to follow, the droplets are next to the name of the essential oil, and how many droplets there are corresponds to how many you put into your diffuser. Aromatherapy is very helpful and diffusers are great to put in any room (I even have one for my car)

We may not be able to skip cold season but these blends will help us conquer it

For the blend Goodbye cold. You can substitute Thieves instead of Onguard or any other immune boosting blend.

Do you have any favorite blends? Share them in the comments below.