How to pack a carry on for a seven day trip - Cold Weather edition

Recently I was able to go on a week-long vacation to Seoul South Korea for a girls trip. I had a BLAST, you can check out some of my vlog footage here and here.  I knew I wanted to pack only a carry-on and personal item. I didn't' want to worry about losing luggage, I just wanted to walk off the plane and start my adventure. As a plus size woman AND heading to a place that has cooler temps then where I live(Seoul has a fall and winter. The temps were as low as 40's and highs were in the upper 60's) I had to make sure I also packed a coat and other warm clothing. Packing a carry on takes some planning but don 't worry I am here to help you out. It all starts before you even put your clothing in the suitcase.

Plan your outfits: Think about a runway show, first you take the polaroids and see what outfits work and then you build a show around that. No need for polaroids but you need to set out your clothing and make outfits. This is especially true as a plus size person. You need to maximize your space. So a week or two before I sat out the clothing I wanted to pack. Make a list, overpacking happens when you are just grabbing things from your drawers and throwing them in. I knew I would be cold so I packed a jacket, blazer, a long dress, 5 shirts, four tanks tops to layer, two pairs of pants, slippers, socks, a pair of shoes, makeup and underwear.

Keep it Simple: You may feel like you will wear all kinds of things on vacation but chances are you won't so it's really important to edit your wardrobe. Same is true when it comes to your makeup. I packed the minimum because although I LOVE a beat face, I didn't want to pack for it and take up valuable space. Also, remember the 3-1-1 rule for liquids to carry on.  I was happy that my luggage has a spot to put a laptop in the front. I was already carrying my laptop in my camera bag so I utilized this space for my makeup and carry on liquids. 

Wear your heaviest items on the plane: I made sure to wear my comfy shoes, my long jacket, and sweater on the plane to save some room in the suitcase. I also wore the same outfit too and from my destination so I could be as comfy as possible.

Fold and go:  Anything that can be folded flat should go together. I had my socks, cami shirts, shoes, scarf and undies on one side of my luggage. I then placed my house slippers in the shoe holders once that side was zipped up.

Skip the packing cubes:  I can't believe I am saying this. I am the QUEEN of packing cubes but the truth is they take up to much room. As a plus size woman, my clothing has more fabric and that fabric has more give when it is rolled than when in a packing cube. When packing lay anything flat first. I decided to lay both pairs of my jeans on the bottom of my suitcase.

Then take the bulky clothing you have and put them on the outsides of the suitcase. I chose to roll my jacket and blazer. I also laid one of my bras down because I could pile the clothing on top of that without messing with the underwire.

Now roll all the rest of your clothing and fill in the gaps. The bulky items will be like bookends and the other clothing will just mold and go where you need them to go.

I was able to close my suitcase and it wasn't heavy at all. I fell in love with this suitcase. It had locks on the side and more than enough room for my carry on. I purchased mine at my local TJ Maxx but you can find it at Nordstrom rack, Calpax or check out Amazon for a similar one.

Just remember:

  • Write down everything you want to pack

  • Edit, Edit, Edit

  • Lay out everything so you can see what you have

  • Once you are packed. DO NOT add anything else

  • Have fun on your trip and if need be you can always buy another bag for souvenirs