Why is Deeper skin an afterthought in the beauty community?

I titled this as deeper skin because there are women of deeper complexion from different racial backgrounds however,  I am going to focus mainly on black  women because that is what I am. In sept 2017 Fenty beauty dropped and shook the entire beauty community. This launch of 40 shades was unheard of for a FIRST launch. Usually, the deeper shades are an afterthought. This would confuse me because Black women spend 7.5 billion annually on beauty products. We spend that much because we are trying to figure out what works for our complexion and skin type. Black women STAN for beauty products and if we LOVE something we will let EVERYONE know.

Sadly when it comes to luxury beauty brands we really are an afterthought. Just check out the shade range for Marc Jacob beauty for the five years. They sadly aren’t the only ones. Just look at the entire TARTE debacle, they are coming out with deeper shades AFTER coming out with three shades that work for a few people with deeper skin tones.

Genius gel supercharge 2013

Marc Jacob Re(Marc)able foundation 2015 Pic from MannyMUA IG

Do you see all that BEIGE? I mean there are so many options for women who are melanin deficient. So many undertones and not a ONE for a deeper skin tone. Marc Jacobs has FINALLY decided that black women and anyone with a deeper skin tone should be able to wear their foundation. Their new foundation will launch  online Feb 9,2018 and it looks like they have a promising shade range

Pic from Trendmood

NOW I WILL NOT BE SPENDING MY COINS on this. Even if its the best foundation in the world. I personally feel that since they didn’t want to profit from us before Fenty came out, they shouldn’t profit from us now. the ONLY reason that bigger beauty companies are coming for black women coins now is because of the success Fenty beauty had( Fenty earned a whopping $72 million in the first month alone)  Obviously other companies saw there is a market and NOW they want a piece of it.

Deeper founadtions and products are harder to make in the lab and you put more money into it but we as a black community have been saying we need better options for beauty, we need better undertones than red, we need better names than mahogany. Fenty set the bar high and these companies see we aren’t playing when it comes to spending our money on items for us. I will say that I think it’s amazing that marc jacobs FINALLY made some shades that are more inclusive so now we can try out luxury brands. I also wish they would have made a statement and apologized for NOT doing so. As a matter a fact I wish ALL these companies that are JUST now coming out with deeper foundation colors to apologize for making us an afterthought. Maybe then I would be more excited about using their products.

What are some of your favorite beauty products that were created with black women in mind? let me know in the comments below.


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