To Big Chop Or Not to Big Chop?

This a question that many natural girls ask themselves once they’ve decided they want to lay off the “creamy crack” aka perm. I tried to envision myself with the big chop and I have many friends that have done it  but I just didn’t think I had the face for it nor was I that brave. So I decided that I would look a HOT MESS for about eight months and just transition. I wanted to try a year but my hair was breaking off in chunks.

I honestly thought that as long as I washed it and let it air dry that was all I needed to do to become natural BOY WAS I WRONG?? it didn’t even dawn on me that I would have to educate myself on how to care for my hair. I didn’t know about sites like or know that youtube has an abundance of tutorials on how do natural hair and that there are so many naturally curly vloggers and bloggers that could point me in the right direction. So instead I went around looking like this

Do you see the ends of that said TWA? it was horrible but I really thought I was cute adding a flower in there and everything. But FINALLY I saw the light and I realized just because I was transitioning  didn’t mean that my hair needed to look like a dog died up there. My hair could still have life and body. I started using the right products on my hair to give it what it needed MOISTURE!! one of my favorites is Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil I put that on when I woke up and before bed and I also took advantage of all t he resources out there available to show me how to do my hair. I was introduced to the twist out! this life saver of a hair style helped me attend a friends wedding without looking crazy

 You  can still see I had some perm left by December 2011 but after I saw this picture I went and chopped off the rest of the perm and I was AT LAST 100% natural and also knew how to take care of my hair. It is SO IMPORTANT for any natural girl to use MOISTURIZER so your hair is amazing and has body. I am not going to push products because not all products work for everyone however it is important to shop around and find the ones that work. just because it’s cheap does not mean it’s amazing and just because it cost more does not mean that it’s for your either.
They don’t call it a natural journey for nothing! there may be times when you want to revert back to the “creamy crack” because it would be “easier” to tame the hair and they may be times when you want to do the BIG CHOP because you can’t stand the growing out phase. but persevere because it’s worth it. My hair is at the longest and healthiest it has EVER BEEN. I am not really interested in length per say but I am excited that I now know how to take care of my hair and it has given me amazing results.

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